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 A Daily Cleanse shampoo was created for eyelash extensions to prolong eyelash retention. A Daily Cleanse shampoo is required to remove oil, dead skin, dust, and make-up from your eyelids and eyelash extensions. This stimulating Daily Cleanse shampoo is Vegan, suitable for sensitive eyes and cruelty free.

Use The LASH & Face Faucet to rinse well with warm water.  

Our acrylic handle shampoo brushes are waterproof, easy to clean and fast drying.  These hygienic brushes will not chip, crack or distort due to moisture.   Simply place your clean damp brush head inside the Diatomite brush holder after usage.  Replace your eyelash cleansing brush every 3 months or as needed.

The LASH & Face Faucet, exclusively designed for U Deserve It / LaRoi's Lashery is the first of its kind. It's designed to connect to most external aerator sink faucets.  The LASH & Face Faucet will improve lash retention by simply rinsing away oil, make-up, dead skin and shampoo residue from eyelids and eyelash extensions.  Allowing for a clean and healthy environment.   

This one of a kind brush holder is made of a sedimentary rock, called Diatomite.  Naturally antibacterial and odor resistant, Diatomite eliminates mold, mildew, bacteria and moisture. This stone contains millions of micropores that allows water to evaporate quickly, making it highly absorbent and fast drying.            

Rinse your new Diatomite brush holder with water to remove any powder residue before usage. 

        Home Care System 

This essential home care system is for all eyelash extension wearers and faces across the globe. Our home care system includes a daily cleanse lash shampoo, an acrylic handle shampoo brush, an antibacterial brush holder and The LASH & Face Faucet. 

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