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     Before purchasing The LASH & Face Faucet make sure your sink faucet has an external aerator.  Most external aerator faucets are suitable for The LASH & Face Faucet.  An external aerator can be seen and removed by simply twisting off by hand or with pliers.  The LASH & Face Faucet is suitable for most external aerator faucets.

All sales are final   

     Internal Aerator faucets are not compatible for The LASH & Face Faucet.  An internal aerator can not be seen or removed by hand.  A special key is needed for its removal. Be sure to check your faucet aerator before purchasing The LASH & Face Faucet. 

If you're planning on updating your old sink faucet make sure it has an external aerator!!

All sales are final

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